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Once you have found the benefit of toning you will not give it up or let anything prevent your doing it.

You will look back on your pre-toning days as only half-alive, only half a person.

– Laurel Elizabeth Keyes

The Toning Circle Experience

When my group gathers for Toning, we begin by using the Oo vowel, lips pursed for projection and greater resonance. Each voice is lifted for healing. Harmonics are added for color and power as the group bonds in purpose and experiments with various sounds.

Toning is an ancient healing modality used for centuries by medicine women and holy men from all cultures

To know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBRATION.
Depending on which frequency we emit, our experiences are either positive or negative.

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Inspired by Laurel Elizabeth Keyes’ book, TONING, I introduced this healing art to my singing technique students at Circle in the Square Theater School in New York City. I believed Toning could lead them to sing without the muscle tension that is every singer’s enemy. My mantra was Your Body Is Your Instrument Is Your Body and I was always looking for ways my singers could focus on feeling vibrations throughout the body and stop worrying about being NGE, ‘not good enough’ as a performer.

We formed a circle, closed our eyes and sounded a pitch without vibrato, breathing when necessary and then returning to the group tone. Over time, many fascinating discoveries were made.  We achieved a slightly altered state through Toning, colors appeared, secondary tones were spontaneously heard and, most amazing of all, a disc of energy ran through the group like a thread connecting our brains. This ‘brain massage,’ as I called it, brought relief from the madness of the city and the pressures of performing.

You don’t have to be a singer to feel the incredible vibrations in a Toning Circle. Groups of spirit-seeking souls who may or may not match pitches are gathering in Tucson. We’ve discovered that even when sounding several tones, we feel the sensations and have healings and out of body experiences.

Contact me to find a group convenient to your location.


Amazing Results!

Adina Katz, student at Circle in the Square Theater School:

“Toning helps me to produce sound in a relaxed manner with an easy, controlled breath. When the group is toning well together, a ring goes through the resonators in my head, linking me with the other toners, to the point where I can practically see the sound vibrating in the air like a purple ring.”

Stella Y:

“I normally shy away from group activities but gathering with the women to tone together had an incredibly soothing effect.  My normal experiences of social anxiety weren’t an issue.  I go into natural altered states all of the time, so sharing the experiences with others was something truly special for me.  The healing impact has been ongoing.. I’m grateful”

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