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quantum healing hypnosis technique

“Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is an amazing journey of your consciousnesses …

a way of finding that all answers and healing lie within.” – Suzanne Spooner


Over 25 years ago, I experienced my first Past Life Regression under the tender care of hypnotherapist Ida Diaz, a modest, cheerful woman who later became a trusted friend.  This intensely emotional experience uncovered the meaning behind a deep sadness I was carrying.  The profound healing potential of hypnosis inspired me to become certified as a hypnotherapist.  

You can heal your body and mind by tapping into your subconscious.​

A Past Life Regression Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

Have you considered you might be negatively influenced from a past life?  What if you could shift away from those influences in a peaceful, lovely setting, in a graceful way,
in a matter of hours?


The session begins with an INTERVIEW, a review of your life starting from birth and including the important characters and issues that motivate you to seek help. 

For the INTERVIEW, I provide a private setting where trust can grow, where you feel free to open up about any and all aspects of your life.  All information is kept strictly confidential. 

Induction & Regression

During the INDUCTION, you leave behind judgment and fear and relax into the Theta state where past lives can surface. With my guidance, you glide into this a zone of bliss and travel in time and space to access what will best help you. It’s possible you’ll see multiple lives although you may need only one, a pivotal one.  

You will describe everything you see as thoroughly as possible – landscapes, buildings, people, animals, events. The more details you can describe, the more valuable your session will be.

Speaking with Your SC

Once you have seen all the pertinent lives, I will slowly lead you away from those places and times.  At this point, I ask your SC, the all-knowing subconscious, to come forth and answer the questions you prepared.  Your SC knows all that has ever happened to your sacred soul and all that will ever take place. All questions are allowed – no such thing as too many.

When all the questions have been answered by the SC, you are gently brought out of Theta and back into the Beta state of consciousness.  This is a time for discussion of your hypnosis experience.

Meditation room where you experience your induction.

Post Session

You may remember most of what you saw or very little but all sessions are tape recorded and emailed for revisiting multiple times. This is especially valuable as time passes. Your current life path is constantly evolving and the past lives you visited will take on different meaning over the months and years ahead, helping you navigate and stay centered on your purpose.

Water and light food is provided afterward for grounding.  

I offer follow up visits for in-depth discussion of the significance of past lives and how to apply what you’ve learned. We listen again to the SC’s answers to your questions.  These sessions are not required but offer valuable help in solving current life issues.

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