balance your body with sound

crystal bowl healing

“Sound can help us …remove the lower frequencies

of emotions such as fear, anger, and resentment.”

– Suren Shrestha

The Story

We discovered it by chance. Rick and I were at a marvelous sound healing workshop near Woodstock, New York. We bought our first healing bowl that weekend and added the others over time. These bowls served as a bridge which opened me to the healing dimension of music.  I combine basic hypnosis with the crystalline sound for a deep cleansing effect.

How Crystal Bowl Healing Works 

The seven hand held crystal bowls vibrationally match the seven chakras. Sounding the tones C sharp through B, they are played to heal the root chakra through the crown chakra. Anxiety disappears. Physical and emotional balance occurs throughout the body.

Identify Intention

We begin our session by defining your reason for seeking help. A short discussion leads to identifying any issues (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) causing you discomfort. After you’ve stated them aloud, we move into healing.

Feel the Vibrations

Get comfortable on the day bed and soak up the vibrations!  Together, you and I can work with the frequencies to help you achieve vibrational balance.

Acknowledge the Healing

To complete the session, we take time to transition, ground and fully return from the altered state.  Drink water. Healing will continue in days to come…

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