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Music afforded me an escape even before my treasured piano lessons began at age seven. Perhaps, subconsciously, I needed the healing that music offered in my complex family home in rural Colorado, but back then all I knew was I HAD to play and sing every single fascinating song in John Thompson’s Teaching Little Fingers How to Play.

Years later, armed with a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance, I made a giant leap and moved to New York where I performed, taught and composed for decades.  The pervasive ego-involvement of show business wore me down over time, however, and I longed for a richer, deeper experience. I was dedicated to the creative life, but without the spiritual component, each song felt like shallow words accompanied by a bunch of notes strung together.  

Hypnosis led me to this realization. Encountering the unseen expanded my perceptions of life on earth. I know I am simply a spirit inhabiting an earthly body. I have lessons to learn.

With HYPNOSIS, CRYSTAL BOWLS and TONING, I share with others what I continue to learn to evolve the soul. Others share their lessons and inspirations with me.

Together, we can reach higher levels of awareness, a deeper appreciation of life . . . and love, always more love, of ourselves, humankind and the glorious earth with all her precious inhabitants.

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Fran Bull’s ‘Enter A Room Dancing’

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